Do I stay or do I go?

This is a question that most seniors and their loved ones will have to ask at some point. They reach a crossroads; a turning point.


So Many Options

Here in the South Bend area, there’s a whole host of options for senior care. There’s:

  • independent living
  • assisted living
  • nursing home
  • in-home care

and so much more. Facing all of these options can simply be overwhelming. Navigating the needs and desires of your elderly loved one while trying to match them up with the right care can be quite complicated.

This is where we at Turning Point Senior Care Solutions come in. We are well versed in all the options available and are passionate about coming alongside of you while you walk through this turning point. We’re not here to tell you what to do or where to go. We are here to assist you or your loved one in finding the solution that is right for you.


So Much To Do

Planning for the future can be scary and uncertain. Nonetheless, preparations and hard decisions have to be made.

If you need help with making those decision, or simply need to know what kind of preparations you need to make, we at Turning Point are eager to assist you. You can bounce ideas off us, ask all your burning questions, and find comfort in our knowledgeable staff.


So Little Time

Do you live several states away from your aging parents? Are you swamped with your own life obligations that caring for your aging loved one is getting to be too much? If there’s just not enough time to make sure you’ve covered all your bases, done all the research, and found the perfect fit for your elderly loved one, look no further.

Turning Point is just a phone call away. We not only specialize in the details, we find true joy in being a friend to your loved one. Let us help find a plumber, or schedule an appointment, or lend a listening ear.


Turning Point to the Rescue!

Calling us here at Turning Point doesn’t mean your answer to the above question is “go.” Contacting us means you’ll have the knowledge and power to answer that question with confidence.

We offer three different services to fit your needs:

  1. Community Choice – in which we help you navigate the many care options.
  2. Pathfinders – in which we assist you in making plans for the future and offer tips and advice.
  3. Pathfinders Care Manager – in which we become the care-guide for the elderly.


It is an honor to assist those in the greater South Bend area as you ask the question:

Do I stay or do I go?