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Caregiver Burnout: Protect Yourself with These 7 Tips

You love your parents. If you didn't, putting in the effort to be their caregiver wouldn't be a thing. But it is a thing, and it's a very big thing to be the caregiver for your parents. That's why it's incredibly important to protect yourself from caregiver burnout....

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Keep Your Mind in Tip-Top Shape

Let's face it: we Boomers are aging. It's not our favorite thing in life, but it is inevitable. And it really doesn't have to be so bad, especially if we're taking excellent care of not only our bodies but, maybe more importantly, our minds. We all know that we should...

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5 Safety Tips for Outdoor Exercise

The sun is shining. The days are longer. The breeze is warmer. The outdoors are calling! It's the perfect time of year to exercise outside. My puppies are always reminding me to head outdoors to enjoy a brisk walk. But they're not my only motivation. Exercise is...

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Rainy Day Activities for the Elderly

We know how important it is for seniors to be staying active and fit both physically and mentally on a regular basis. But what happens when weather gets in the way? Don't worry, there's plenty of things to do inside that will challenge the elderly physically and...

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Grandparenting: The Surprising Benefits

It's true, parenting is for the young. The daily grind of raising littles isn't ideal for those of us who are on the other side of the hill. But Grandparenting... well, it's just that-- Grand! There's the obvious benefits of grandparenting that allows us to love on...

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The Importance of Drawing an Advance Directive

We are blessed in this country to have the freedom to make decisions regarding our own health. The problem comes in when we aren't able to speak up for ourselves any longer. This is a common scenario in those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer's Disease. But it...

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A Case for Community Living

Each new phase of life brings about its own challenges. But one thing is consistent throughout our entire lives - we need community. Isolation is a threat to every age, but its rampant among senior citizens. It may be harder to get around, or friends and loved ones...

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