We know how important it is for seniors to be staying active and fit both physically and mentally on a regular basis. But what happens when weather gets in the way? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of things to do inside that will challenge the elderly physically and mentally, keeping them active and thriving.


Physical Activities for Rainy Days

Whether you or your loved one is living in a retirement community, an assisted living home, or at your own home, getting involved in these activities is not super complicated. And they’re a lot of fun!

Indoor Swimming

Join your local YMCA or another public indoor pool and get moving! The beauty of swimming is the relief of pressure on your joints. You don’t have to swim laps to benefit. Many places offer water aerobics tailored for the elderly. You can also simply walk back and forth in the shallow end. Swimming is one of the best physical activities a senior can engage in!


Save the grocery shopping for a rainy day! Or simply head out to the mall for some window shopping while you walk.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to socialize with friends or family while you walk together.

Exercise Classes

A popular exercise class among seniors (and anyone really!) is dancing. It’s low impact while being a ton of fun. But there are all sorts of classes out there for you to enjoy no matter your physical skill level. A rainy day is the perfect kind of day to try out that Zumba class you’ve been curious about!

Field Trips

Check out your local museums (they’re wheelchair accessible!) or spend the afternoon people-watching at a coffee shop. Take a short stroll around a nearby park. The point is, get up and go!


Mental Activities for Rainy Days

Just as important as staying physically active is mental stimulation. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to enjoy this list of mentally active fun.


You can assemble a puzzle all on your own, but it’s always more enjoyable with company! Gather some friends and huddle around a puzzle. But even if a group gathering isn’t feasible, a puzzle is a fantastic activity to keep you busy and stimulated on any day of the week. Don’t forget about different types of puzzles like crosswords and sudoku!


Oftentimes poor eyesight can hinder the ability to read, but there are ways around that. Many libraries offer large print books. Another option is to listen to audiobooks. Rainy days are meant for reading!


Card and board games are excellent exercise for the brain, and another opportunity to spend some time with others. Games will help the rainy day fly by.

Arts and Crafts

Don’t worry about skills. Getting crafty is enjoyable for everyone. Try your hand at painting in a class or grab your crochet needle. Give a brand new artsy activity a chance or dust off an old hobby.


A rainy day is an amazing opportunity to write some notes or letters to loved ones, record memories for future generations, or simply express yourself and reminisce. Enough rainy days just might lead to a best seller!


Activities Not Just For Rainy Days

Rainy day or not, it’s incredibly important that seniors are getting up and getting out. You’ll reap a whole host of benefits from the social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation.

At Turning Point Senior Care Solutions, we are passionate about helping you with the aging transition. If you’re looking for a change that will help you or your loved one become more active on rainy and sunny days alike, give us a call. We can help you decide on the best next steps for your golden years.