Helping to Find a Place for Mom or Dad

At A Turning Point?

Senior Care Solutions: Where to start?

We can help you make a well informed decision if you or a friend are at a turning point. We will personally guide you through the various choices, and help to advise you on the custom level of senior care that you may be in need of.

senior care services
When a senior’s friends and family are considering a move for an elder, it is important to move slowly and with compassion. While many who are older have vowed to live in their homes until their dying day, it may not be possible for many reasons, quality of life being the most important. My friend Helen, who inspired this service lived in her family home which had changed for the worst. A self-described parsimonious lady keeping the house in shape inside and out was kept to a minimal. Neighbors who had watched out for one another had passed on or moved away. New neighbors were not aware of Helen , for that matter did not care to know her. Her sweet neighborhood became “The Hood”.

Let us advise you

Selecting care for an aging loved one is a complex and personal choice. We help people with one of the most difficult decisions they will ever have to make: the process of helping an aging parent make “the transition” from living independently or with family to accepting outside assistance or moving to a senior living community.

Our compassionate advisors can answer a wide range of questions about elder care for your unique situation and be your personal guide through this challenging time.

How Our Service Works:

1. Assess your needs with a a senior care services advisor.
2. Get information on the care communities that best meet your needs.
3. Visit communities at your own pace and consult with us at any time.